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[Get it style] Week 34, 2015 Weekly Tech-Trend Briefing News.


  1. ‘Tilt’, a new smartphone holder providing various angles, will be launched.
  2. Samsung Electronics will launch a new Smartthings hub terminals.
  3. Will Apple Car select a new Head-Up Display (HUD) capable of gesture recognition?
  4. Google Ventures is about to invest 100 million dollars in Carbon3D
  5. Titanium Falcon, has been developing a gesture controller being ring-shaped.
  6. Xiaomi, will focus on African smart phone market.
  7. Polyera is supposed to launch a smart band product based on the flexible e-Ink film display. (2016)
  8. Linden Lab developed a new platform for Virtual Reality (VR).
  9. Google revealed a new project, ‘Sunroof’ – improving the efficiency of the sunlight generation based on map data.
  10. Vurb which is a sort of mobile search engines added a chatting function.
  11. Oura Ring will launch a new smart ring capable of tracking activities and sleeping patterns.
  12. Humin launched ‘Knock Knock’ enabling people to chat with anyone around one.
  13. Apple, will a new Stylus based on pressure sensing be launched for iPad Pro?
  14. Gartner, one of the most influential market research institutes, published ‘Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies 2015′.


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