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[Get It Style / IT Tech] Week 35 , 5th week August 2015, Weekly Tech Trend News


We would like to overview a last week’s IT technologies. (24th Aug 2015 ~ 30th Aug 2015).

1. 43% of American smartphone users are using mobile IM or volatile messaging applications.
2. Google, trying to add new functions into Google Classroom
3. ‘Exploride’ – Vehicle HUD with the blackbox
4. Ring, smart door bell, attracted $28 million in investment.
5. ‘Display Cover’, a new keyboard based on the E-ink touch screen, has been launched.
6. Pana, an on-demand concierge service based on the SMS, has been launched.
7. ‘The Friend Finder’, human detecting service based on the dron
8. ‘SmartHalo’, transforming normal bicycles into smart bicycles.
9. ‘Morph’ launches a force sensing interface based on the multi-touch sensor
10. ‘Morcacare’, Cardiac tracking company, attracting $2 million in investment.
11. 2nd quarter 2015, time spent on smart phone applications by American had increased by 35%.
12. Facebook, conducting tests to apply the concierge service to the Facebook messanger.
13. LG Electronics, revealing a noble portable keyboard ‘Rolly Keyboard’.
14. iZettle(mobile payment solution company), attracting around $70 million in investment.
15. Google Ventures is predicted to support Sweden VR game companies.
16. Apple will reveal iPhone 6S, 9th September 2015.
17. Mobcrush, on-air broadcasting company on mobile game, appealing $10 million in investment.
18. ‘Reboard’, a smart keyboard application, has been launched.
19. ‘Microbot Push’ – wireless robot fingers has been revealed.
20. ‘Butterfleye’, a smart security camera, has been revealed.

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